Maple Vanilla Cashew Whipped Cream

Maple Vanilla Cashew Whipped Cream

What if I tell you that there is a healthy version of whipped cream to accompany every one of your favorite pies?! Our wonderful friend Michelle just did it again! This time she made a Maple Vanilla Cashew Whipped Cream special for us, using Java Sisters Vanilla Bean Paste Maple Syrup! This recipe is delicious, healthy, and easy to follow. Every part of it tastes as good as it looks! Please check out Michelle’s blog where she shares her many vibrant, healing, and delicious recipes.

This delicious Maple Vanilla Cashew Whipped Cream contains no dairy or refined sugars! Made with just four whole food ingredients, it's incredibly simple to make.
Some desserts are just better topped with whipped cream. But, if you have a dairy intolerance, sensitivity or just prefer to avoid it for other health reasons, that little bit of heaven just isn't worth it.
Thankfully, this dairy-free whipped cream is at least as delicious. So, you don't have to miss out on that creamy, whipped goodness! Plus, it's a fail-safe recipe, unlike coconut whipped cream, which I've found can be a bit finicky.

Maple Vanilla Cashew Whipped Cream

How to Make Dairy-Free Maple Vanilla Cashew
Whipped Cream

As mentioned above, this Dairy-Free Maple Vanilla Cashew Whipped Cream is so easy to make! All you need is four simple ingredients and about ten minutes.


2 cups Cashew Cream
1 cup Unrefined Coconut Oil
3 tbsp Pure Maple Syrup
2 tsp Vanilla Bean Paste

Step 1 - Add Ingredients to Mixing Bowl

First, add the cashew cream to your mixing bowl. If you haven't yet made cashew cream, here is a complete guide on how to make it.
Next, add the unrefined coconut oil. You will want your coconut oil to be in its solid state. So, be sure to use pure, cold-pressed coconut oil. Melted or fractionated coconut oil won't give quite the same result.
If your coconut oil has melted due to warm temperatures, just stick it in the fridge for a few hours to harden up.
Now, you just need to pure maple syrup and vanilla bean paste.

Step 2 - Whip It

Once you've added all of your ingredients to a mixing bowl, you just need to whip it with either a hand or a stand mixer. You can also either use flat beater attachments or a wire whip.

Maple Vanilla Cashew Whipped Cream

However, if using a hand mixer, I find it easier to use flat beater attachments.
To whip your Maple Vanilla Whipped cream, simply place your beaters or wire whip into your mixing bowl. To avoid a big splatter, make sure it's fully submerged in the mixture before turning it on!
When you turn on your mixer, start off on the lowest setting, slowly increasing the speed.
Depending on how powerful your mixer is, you will want to increase the speed to a medium to high setting. With most mixers, a medium setting is best.

The longer you whip, the fluffier this whipped cream will get. The beauty of using cashew cream is that you can't over whip it! If you've ever made coconut whipped cream, you may have found that there's a fine line of when to stop whipping. If you whip it for just a second too long, the liquid will end up separating, leaving you with a clumpy mess.
That being said, it is a bit thicker than the traditional or coconut whipped cream. But that just makes it great for using as a whipped cream frosting! Plus, it tastes just as good topped on all your favorite desserts.

Maple Vanilla Cashew Whipped Cream
How to Store Cashew Whipped Cream

If you're not using your Cashew Whipped Cream right away, it can last up to ten days in the fridge. You can also store it in the freezer for up to three months!
I should note that this Cashew Whipped Cream can get a little denser after being refrigerated or frozen. So, I like to give it a quick whip to fluff it back up. If you're using it from frozen, you will want to let it fully thaw before re-whipping.


Recipe Creator:

Many thanks to Michelle who developed this healthy and delicious Homemade Maple Vanilla Cashew Whipped Cream recipe. Check out the full recipe here.

Michelle is the founder, creator and photographer behind Beet of The WildSome call her a kitchen witch, some call her a forest fairy. One thing is for sure, you can either find her whipping up some healthy eats or wandering barefoot with her forever pooch, Magnolia Mae.

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