We are two sisters. A farmer and a traveler.

We live on opposite sides of the Globe but we share the same passions and values.  We want to make a positive and joyful difference to the world we live in.

One night over a bowl of ice cream, we decided to grow and sell Vanilla Beans in order to help preserve rain forests and make the world a little more delicious.

The Java Sisters support farmers bringing fair-trade premium quality Vanilla from Indonesia, where it is grown without disrupting old-growth forests, and promote the preservation of pristine rainforests.

We work with local farmers and experienced agricultural engineers to produce Vanilla on our farm while promoting a green environment. We share 10% of our profits with organizations dedicated to serving humanity and the environment.

harvested green vanilla from java sisters vanilla


We truly believe that growing vanilla plants can be environmentally friendly, fair and sustainable--a force for good.

We are excited to introduce our premium organic vanilla to you!

two sisters plant sustainable gourmet vanilla to protect the forests


“Let's make our Earth greener, fairer, and a little more delicious!”

two sisters plant sustainable gourmet vanilla to protect the forests


Product features

multiple vanilla bean at Java Sisters Vanilla


Fair Trade

We represent and connect local farmers to consumers around the world while educating them in preserving the forests. We hire local workers to care for our Vanilla plants in their own schedule.



We have seen how much the world is changing and we want to be a force for good and to spread joy. We are working towards the goal to end deforestation, preserving & reclaiming forests.

Your support brings us closer to greener Earth.


Woman Owned

By supporting us, you invest in women's economic empowerment, gender parity in commerce, vibrant communities, and the growth of the economy overall. Buying Women Owned is both socially conscious and economically sound


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