The Perfect Vanilla Bean Macarons

Is there anything more elegantly delicious and perfectly poised than a light and creamy vanilla macaron. French desserts are often difficult to master but, lucky for you, we have a recipe that walks you through everything you need to know to make the perfect macaroon yourself! After making a dozen “okay” batches, reading hundreds of blogs, and watching hundreds of videos, our friend Laura is ready to present you with how to achieve perfect vanilla bean macarons!

Laura guides your through the 4 key stages in macaron development:

  1. Getting the Perfect Stiff-Peak Meringue
  2. The Perfect Macaronage
  3. Baking Macarons Correctly
  4. Filling and Aging: The Finishing Touches

And the results are out of this world! We have included some photos of Laura's amazing vanilla bean macarons and she has a complete guide for every step in the process, so let’s get going!

vanilla bean macarons with a dried anabelle hydrangea and a cup of tea with vanilla beans around

The Perfect Stiff-Peak Meringue


vanilla bean macarons and vanilla beans

The Perfect Macaronage


hand holding a macaron showing the inside of a vanilla bean macaron with a cup of tea in the background

 Vanilla Bean Macarons Filling

macarons with a cup of tea

Baking Light and Crisp

macarons on a pedestal with a hydrangea behind

Gently Folded


vanilla bean macarons with a dried anabelle hydrangea and a cup of tea with vanilla beans around

How to Make the Perfect Vanilla Bean Macarons

A few final tips before you get started:

  • Use quality vanilla bean like our vanilla beans
  • Store your macarons in the fridge for 24 hours before you eat them. This ages them to perfection. Trust me, the texture difference is worth the wait!
  • Eat all your macarons within 3 days of making them. This doesn’t sound hard, but you might consider freezing them or sharing with friends if you think they might go to waste.

If you have any questions, please contact her or leave a comment below. Let me know how your macarons turned out, and please share your pictures on Instagram tagged @ellejayathome.


Recipe Creator:

Many thanks to Laura who developed this perfect Vanilla Bean Macarons recipe.

Laura lives in Nashville, TN with her handy husband, adorable daughter, and smarty-pants cattle dog. She loves baking and can’t keep her kitchen clean. Oh well. Check out the full article the Vanilla Bean Macarons recipe on her blog.

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