Vanilla Spice Adaptogenic Smoothie

Java Sisters Vanilla Spice Adaptogenic Smoothie

This Vanilla Spice Adaptogenic Smoothie offers a rich vanilla flavor from our Java Sisters Madagasdar Pure Vanilla Extract coupled with warming notes of cinnamon and allspice.

There's nothing like a healthy smoothie to kick off the day, especially during rushed mornings! However, slurping back cooling smoothies on chilly mornings isn't always beneficial. Thanks to the cinnamon and allspice in this Vanilla Smoothie, it offers warming notes to balance out those cooling effects.

Nutritional Benefits this Vanilla Smoothie Provides Warming

As mentioned above, the cinnamon and allspice offer a warming effect. Cold smoothies and drinks can dampen digestion and leave us feeling chilled in the cooler months. Adding some warming spices helps stoke that much-needed fire in the belly, keeping the digestive system
functioning optimally. These spices can also help the body retain warmth on those chilly days.


Cinnamon and allspice are not only warming but also provide immune-supporting benefits. They contain antiviral and antibacterial properties that help keep those pesky cold and flu bugs at bay!

Java Sisters Vanilla Spice Adaptogenic Smoothie

Heart Healthy

Thanks to potassium-rich bananas, stress-busting ashwagandha, and cholesterol-lowering vanilla, this Smoothie can also be beneficial to heart health.


Both ashwagandha and vanilla can have a positive effect on mood! Vanilla can increase neurotransmitter function, enhancing serotonin and dopamine production (our feel-good hormones).

How to Make a Vanilla Spice Smoothie

Java Sisters Vanilla Spice Adaptogenic Smoothie

This Vanilla Spice Adaptogenic Smoothie is incredibly easy to make! As with most smoothies, it only takes a minute to whip up. And other than the Ashwagandha powder, it doesn't require any exotic or hard-to-find ingredients.


1 cup Milk (I like using almond or tigernut)
1 ripe Banana
1/2 tsp Java Sisters Madagascar Pure Vanilla Extract
1/4 tsp Ashwagandha Powder
1/4 tsp Ground Cinnamon
Dash of Allspice
Dash of Ground Cardamom

Step 1 - Add Ingredients To Blender

To make your Vanilla Spice Adaptogenic Smoothie, simply place all the ingredients in your blender jug. For the smoothest blend, I find adding the milk first is best. Then break a banana in half or cut it into chunks and toss it in. Next, add the ashwagandha powder, cinnamon, allspice, and cardamom.

Step 2 - Blend

Once you've added all the ingredients into your blender jug, simply blend it until smooth. I usually give it a good thirty seconds. However, you can blend longer if your blender isn't very powerful. I should note, blending longer can result in a warm smoothie. So, you can always use a frozen banana or an ice cube or two if needed.


Java Sisters Vanilla Spice Adaptogenic Smoothie
Step 3 - Enjoy!

Once your Vanilla Smoothie is fully blended, pour it into your favorite smoothie cup or travel tumbler and enjoy!
You can also top your smoothie with an extra sprinkle of cinnamon and a few banana slices if you want to get fancy.

Recipe Creator:

Many thanks to Michelle who developed this healthy and delicious Vanilla Spice Adaptogenic Smoothie recipe. Check out the full recipe here.

Michelle is the founder, creator and photographer behind Beet of The WildSome call her a kitchen witch, some call her a forest fairy. One thing is for sure, you can either find her whipping up some healthy eats or wandering barefoot with her forever pooch, Magnolia Mae.

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